The Story
1More is a pioneering consumer audio company whose products are known for superior sound quality, ergonomics, durability and affordable prices.

As the subsidiary headphone brand of Xiaomi Inc., 1More enjoys a healthy share of the audio accessories market. However, the brand’s target audience was limited to current users of Xiaomi mobile phones. The challenge for PLUS Communications was to help 1More expand its audience beyond traditional boundaries.

The team’s strategy developed from three foundational lines of thinking. First was the basic idea of widening the brand’s audience from Xiaomi mobile users to users of all mobile phones was developed. Second, the team worked to answer the question ‘What is a good headphone?’ by creating a defined standard for headphone quality that would be relatable to potential users. Third but not least was to portray the product in a way that would appeal to female users in addition to the usual male-centric technology audience.

Execution by PLUS Communications
Questionnaires, product experience testing and other methodologies were used to hone a clear brand image for 1More. From this basis, a whole ‘universe’ of distinctive visual identities evolved for the brand.

The Reaction
“The team is extraordinary. I’d like to keep working with them for as long as we’re around!” – Gary Hsieh, Founder and CEO of 1More