Leading German tyre-maker Continental engaged PLUS Communications to provide a branding, communications planning and creative strategy to boost brand awareness and improve communications with potential customers in the APAC and China regions.

The brand needed to tackle the significant differentiation between markets across more than 10 targeted APAC countries. Compounding this challenge was the frequent roll-outs of new products requiring a large volume of timely and unified communications.

Continental’s ultimate goal was to achieve sustainable and independent brand recognition and positioning amongst consumers, leading to enhanced brand awareness and influence in the region. For this, a cross-market communications strategy and execution plan that supports a uniform brand value among both the client’s internal operations and potential customers was an essential requirement.

Execution by PLUS Communications
The team provided branding, communications planning and creative strategy services to tackle the challenges the brand was facing. They included an updates of VI guidelines for Continental and Continental Viking to demonstrate how these defined design constants could be used in such areas of application as promotional items and advertisements; and a newly developed, unified brand and product communications system ensured the consistency and continuity of brand communications and enabled marketing materials to be shared across APAC.

Also developed was an effective framework for increasing the impact of their frequent product launches. This emphasises the need to communicate key product selling points quickly across the whole media spectrum via differentiated marketing promotion approaches. New product launches were further enhanced with the provision of new promotional materials – including key visuals and beauty shots – which effectively highlight the products’ features and advantages.